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Wills Solicitor

We all know making a Will is important. There is no guarantee that your assets will go to those you want to receive them. Without it, the law dictates who inherits your estate, not you. A surviving spouse may not inherit everything. Your family home could need to be sold, and your children may not inherit anything. And yet it’s all too easy to put it off for another day.

At Mansfield Solicitors & Advocates, we take the hassle out of making your Will. We’ll take the time to understand your situation so we can produce a Will that meets your needs now, and in the future. We will work hard to minimise your tax liability so you can pass on as much as you can to your loved ones.

If you need us to come to you whether at home or in hospital, we can. We are happy to act as the executors of your Will should you wish.

Planning for the future is essential. A Will is one of the most important documents you will ever make. It determines who and under what conditions your assets will be delegated.

We will assist you through the choices you’ll need to make in your Will, including:

  • Who will administer your estate?
  • Who will benefit from your estate?
  • How much financial provision to make for your beneficiaries
  • Who will care for your young children?
  • What age young beneficiaries will inherit
  • Setting up a trust that provides for a vulnerable child or dependent
  • Who gets possessions with sentimental value and family heirlooms?
  • Whether you’d like to leave anything to charity.

If your situation changes, we’ll help you review your Will to make sure it still reflects your wishes.

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Simple Codicilfrom £108.00 (£90.00 plus VAT)
Simple Willfrom £240.00 (200.00 plus VAT)
Simple Mirror Wills (2 Wills) from £450.00 (£375.00 plus VAT)
Asset Protection Mirror Wills from £720.00 (£600.00 plus VAT)
Notice of Severancefrom £120.00 (£100.00 plus VAT) per property
Protective Trust Single Will from £540.00 (£450.00 plus VAT)
Protective Trust Mirror Wills from £1,020.00 (£850.00 plus VAT)

If you require a more complex Will, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We can also arrange for secure storage at our offices for a one-off fee of £36.00 (£30.00 plus VAT)

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