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Settlement Agreement

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Settlement Agreement Solicitors

A compromise agreement is a legally binding agreement between a business and an employee under which the employee agrees to settle their potential claims and in return the employer will agree to pay financial compensation.

A Settlement Agreement (formerly known as a Compromise Agreement) is a legally binding agreement between you and your employer. This usually provides for a severance payment by the employer in return for your agreement not to pursue any claims in a Tribunal or a Court. The employer will usually require you to keep the terms, for example the amount and the surrounding circumstances of your contract’s termination, confidential.

An agreement whereby you waive your rights to bring an employment claim can only be recognised in law if a solicitor or certified trade union or adviser signs it off.

A specialist employment solicitor will advise you on the merits of your claim and the amount of money you would be likely to receive at an Employment Tribunal.

A specialist employment law solicitor will also identify any discrimination against you of which you might not be aware. For example, you might be disabled and protected by the Equality Act  and therefore entitled to reasonable adjustments before any dismissal can take place. In these cases, there will not only be an unfair dismissal claim, but also an amount awarded for injury to feelings.

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