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Trusts & Tax Planning

Whether you are considering a trust following a personal injury claim, a trust for disabled beneficiaries or for any other reason our team can help.

Trust & Tax Planning Solicitors

A trust can be a tax-efficient way to protect your family’s wealth provided it’s well managed. Whether you’re a trustee or a beneficiary, we can help make sure your trust protects your family.

How do trusts work?

A trust allows you to place money, property or assets under the control of named trustees. It can:

  • Protect your property and assets from tax and care home fees
  • Pass on your wealth to future generations
  • Provide for disabled relatives and vulnerable children
  • Allow you to gift assets to your children, while protecting your family’s wealth from divorce or bankruptcy.

At Mansfield Solicitors & Advocates Limited, we can help set up and administer trusts. Whether you simply need expert advice or support, talk to us.

We can help you:

  • Manage your trust day to day
  • Prepare any legal documentation
  • Finalise your trust and ensure you obtain the best advice on any tax implication

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