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Leases Drafting and Reviewing

Working for both landlords and tenants our commercial property lawyers have experienced in advising clients on the drafting of leases or renewing current leases and the intricacy of the terms and conditions.

Leases Solicitors

As a Firm Mansfield Solicitors and Advocates have a great deal of experience and expertise acting for both Landlords and Tenants alike.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant we are here to help either draft a lease or to provide you with clarification of the legal terminology explaining both your rights and obligations under the terms of the agreement.

As a Commercial landlord the lease is the very foundation of your business and it will contain many pages of legal provisions which will ultimately have a direct impact upon the profitability of your business, we will be able to amend or remove onerous clauses with your business in mind.

As a tenant it is tempting to sign a lease without legal advice to save costs and to speed up the process but leases are usually drafted in favour of the landlord which can have significant consequences for the tenant particularly if you are not used to negotiating commercial contracts. You may misinterpret the legal terminology or simply overlook clauses leaving tenants liable for all sorts of costs they didn’t foresee.

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