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Land Law

If you are involved in a land dispute whether it be a right or boundary issue our team can assist in providing pragmatic advice.

Land Law Solicitors

Unfortunately, sometimes disputes between neighbours or Landlords and Tenants arise and to resolve the problem you will need to take legal advice. Our Team at Mansfield Solicitors and Advocates are here to help.

Severing joint tenancies

If property is held as joint tenants there is a presumption in law that the parties hold the property equally and that if either party dies their share will pass to the survivor regardless of what provisions have been made in their Will.

It is the duty of the conveyancing solicitor to discuss with the purchaser whether holding the property as Tenants in Common would be more appropriate whereby the distinct shares in the property can be bequeathed to another beneficiary but circumstances change in people’s lives and what once might have made sense given their current situation is no longer what is required.

We can help with this predicament and make the necessary arrangements to sever the title and register the change with the Land registry.

In some cases, parties refuse to consent to the severance but that too can be overcome.

Reviewing leases

We have a wealth of experience within the firm advising Landlords and Tenants alike on commercial leases.

It is very easy to focus on finding the perfect premises for the execution of your business but will the lease give you the flexibility you need to either remain at the property or to move on when the time is right.

Are there ambiguous clauses that could lead to disputes further down the line? Could your business be open to regular rent increases?

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