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Employment Law for Employers
Employment solicitors providing specialist legal assistance for employers.

Employment Law Solicitors

Whilst trying to deal with the practicalities of running a business focusing on profitability and efficiency employment law can be a particular problem for small to medium sized firms, with employment law issues arising when you least expect them, or certainly when you do not feel that you have the time to address the situation properly. Mansfield Solicitors and Advocates Limited have a team who can guide you through all your employment law issues.

Employment documentation

As your business grows it is really important to be clear on company policy and to document this within an office procedures manual. To produce such a document can feel like an arduous and time-consuming process but in the long run being clear on rules and regulations offers both the company and employees protection and will ultimately save time and money where in the absence of such clarity ambiguity can have costly consequences.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The regulations came into effect in May of 2018 and increases the potential fines for organisations for mishandling data and makes it easier for customers and clients alike to discover what information you hold on them.

If you are worried if you company is GDPR compliant contact us to day and speak to a member of our Employment team who will be happy to address your concerns.

Employment Tribunals

When an employment matter cannot be resolved through the company’s own grievance procedure you may find you are faced with an employment tribunal. To put yourself at your best advantage you should have an experienced team in your corner to give you realistic, practical advice and assistance.

Human Resources Advice

What do you do when an employee falls pregnant?

How do you manage a situation where an employee is persistently late for work?

If you have an employee on long term sick leave how can you manage the practicalities of the situation?

If your business isn’t large enough to justify a dedicated human resource manager then we are here to help you either on an ad hoc basis or via a retainer. Do not feel that you are out of your depth with Human Resources matters but make use of the benefit of our expertise to keep your business compliant with the latest legislation.

Restructuring and Redundancy

Having to make difficult decisions about restructuring your business and letting members of staff go is hard enough but the process of making staff redundancy is governed by very clear legislation which needs to be followed very closely. Taking short cuts and not taking proper legal advice can ultimately leave companies open to costly actions brought by disgruntled former Employees.  

Settlement Agreements


Unfair/Constructive Dismissal

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